16" Zender Turbos

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    Zender Turbos

    Diameter: 16"
    Width: Fronts 7J Rear 8J
    ET: Front ET23 Rear ET11
    PCD: 5x112

    As you can see finished in silver with black detailing. One wheel has 2 small chips where the paint has come away, all others are very clean. Come with original centre caps, I will source some bolts for the centre caps which are missing at the moment.

    Fronts are flat and rears are concave as you can see from the pictures.

    Amazing set of wheels I wish I didn't have to sell, but I already have too many.




    One of the rear wheels has a lip while the other doesn't so would need to be machined to match and painted. I can probably have this done for an extra £80. You can see the lip here.


    Here's a pic of how they can look on the car.


    Obviously on the above the front are also concave.

    Phone number in pictures above.

    Location: Leicester

    £875 Posted

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