17" Mercedes 5 twin spke wheels & Tyres

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Apr 19, 2009
Near Blackpool..... But not TOO near !!
2006 CLK320 CDi
I have downsized (yes you read correctly) my wheels from 17" to the usual 16"
Therefore I am selling a set of Mercedes 17" 5 twin spoke wheels off my 2007 E320 Cdi. The wheels have only done 39k and they are in excellent condition the no chunks missing nor curb damage.
All 4 are 17" x 8" ET 38

Please note these wheels wont be available before Saturday 15th June

The tyres are Michelins.. I wont tell you they are new but they all have 3 - 4mm tread..
Consider it the wheels that are for sale and the tyres a bonus for the next couple of months or so..

I have no idea what to charge (None like mine on eBay when I looked.... Well there was a single one in awful condition) so initially I am taking offers..
Be warned.. I will NOT post..
But I am willing to bring to a half way point to meet up for fuel money..
I live near Blackpool so you do the maths for mileage....
Please be aware 1 centre cap is missing
Rather than put all 4 photos up on here I will e-mail you high quality images if you give me your e-mail address..
The wheels and Part number / spec can be seen below:
Mercedes alloy wheels | Genuine new 17" Mercedes 5 Twin Spoke | fits Mercedes E Class Saloon W211 | Alloy Wheels Direct Ltd

Any questions just ask.
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