18" Segin must have wider rears

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Feb 21, 2008
Guys, I need another set of segins in the staggered 18x8 & 18x9, dont mind what finish is on the wheels as they will be polished anyway,

pic for those who dont know what they look like

saw the single wheel, but am after a complere set of 4 really, as I have 2 buyers for the set of 8" wide
cheers maggot, they are staggered, have 8" fronts & 9" rears,

been trying to get in contact via the mobile number but keep gettin answer phone, hes abit over the going rate at the minute though which is stopping me buying now.
had the odd look now and again but not a regular forum for me, have my eye on a set in germany aswell which are alot more reasonable on price, in much better condition too, but obviously the ebay ones are 30mins from me
Well, I managed to bag them at a reasonable price in the end, just got back from picking them up, but Ive now got some tyres to sell

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