18inch Winter rims and tyres C63

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Jan 31, 2016
North West
W202 C43 AMG

I am looking for a cheap set of OE rims for my W204 C63 AMG I am not sure which 18 inch W204 rims would fit the C63 anyone have any advice on which rims will fit

Many Thanks
Many Thanks really helpful

That eBay item number is a set of OEM C63 wheels with winter tyres.

I bought exactly the same thing from someone else and they're now on my car.

I was in the same position with winter wheels and purchased a set of aftermarket 18" (Bola) wheels for my C63. After much deliberating and checking with my supplier I was assured that the wheels would fit, the truth was that when they arrived, the fronts wouldn't even fit over the caliper and the backplate where it sticks out to cover the steering arm joint. They then swapped these wheels for a different style from the same manufacturer only to find that whilst they clear the caliper there's only a rizla's clearance between the inside of the wheel and the bottom of the caliper.

The annoying thing is that these wheels are still being advertised that they will fit a W204 C63 when they clearly wont....... When buying aftermarket 18" wheels you need to make sure that the inside diameter is minimum 425mm to clear the caliper.
I looked closely at aftermarket wheels and could not find any that would fit, looked at OEM 18" wheels for Germany and decided to just buy a new set of 19" OEM's and fit with winter rubber (Dunlops). These will last a few years so the cost will be justified in the long run.
The main benefit of 18" is much cheaper winter tyres.

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