19" AMG 5 spoke from new shape CLS (C218)


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May 8, 2006
CLS350 CDI sport
These are from my new CLS.

I have fitted a different design of Mercedes wheel and so these are sitting in the garage. I know they aree not cheap but they are absolute quality ................

19" AMG 5 spoke alloy wheels from new shape 2011 CLS (C218) | eBay

Front alloy wheels: 19x8.5" ET34.5
Wheel part number: AMG B66031486
Additional alloy part number: A2184011602

Rear alloy wheels: 19x9.5" ET48
Wheel part number: AMG B66031487
Additional alloy part number: A2184011702

Alloy wheel finish type: Mercedes High Sheen with Brilliant Silver

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