190 evo1

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Dec 21, 2005
190e 1.8 (190e 2.3 16v)
Just been looking at evo1s one the net, anyone no where i could get a evo body kit from.
a gen one is v hard to find. you can get an evo11 rep kit from reiger but it is obviously not as good as the real thing..

i.e rear window diffuser is different rear spoiler is non adjustable alo the front spoiler doesnt have an adjustable diffuser.

evo1 kits even harder to find!!!! ive just sourced an evo1 front spoiler in germany and am looking for an arch kit for an evo1 at present so if you come across a kit for evo1 let me know

Its the evo 1 arches im after i can get the rear spoiler from the U.S but not much joy with th rest of the kit, i would like a front splitter but havent found one as yet il let you know if i find any think.
arch kits are available from www.teile.de !!!!!!

front spoiler from german ebay time to time

paste the ad. for the rear spoiler plz

i found the spoiler at 190.teile.de
sorry i ment 190teile.de its in german tho
use google language translator or similar and copy the german into it, and it will translate into english for you
email thorsten in english at the site he speaks good english

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