190E 2.3-16 kind of SUV (front) after new suspensions (front) - any suggestion is appreciated


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Feb 17, 2005
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Hello Dear Friends

First at all Happy Easter to whom are celebrating.

I’ve bought this lovely sixteen valves and after renewed rear accumulator for the SLS, change hydraulic oil etc ride was superb, but I wanted as matter of maintenance to renew also front, so I changed front anti roll bar bushings, upper suspensions support and also the dumpers. I used Sachs like the original from OEM part ride is superb, indeed was great also before, but height is increased 20mm at front, indirectly 8mm at rear. I’m not sure it will drop but I’m not driving often the car unfortunately, I noticed that 5mm dropped after 80km bit I think that gain to the original height is almost impossible.

I’m wondering if you have any suggestion: install new damper with shortened rod or put directly any lowered front spring, any brand to suggest that do not lower extremely? I’d like to go back to previsious values: 340mm front (from fender to centre of wheel).

I know that height is done by spring but it’s clear that new damper at front reduced the load on the factory spring and indirectly raise the car.
And it’s worth to mention that before knowing I also moved from lowest pad available in the front (n.2 to n.1)

I thanks in advance for any suggestion

Please see picture of actual front height.

See you


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