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Jul 15, 2017
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Please can someone help me, my sister is getting married on the 1/9/17 in richmond and our late father had a White mercedes benz 190e on a k plate i would love to find one one which might be willing to drive her on the wedding day for me (paid of course) it would mean so much to her. please get in touch [email protected]


Good luck with your search. You may also want to try the Facebook '124 enthusiasts' Page.

There are a lot of 190E's still around so I do hope you have success here. It does sound like it would make a perfect day for your Sister.

Keep coming back here to check. If no responses? Reply to this thread typing 'BUMP' that will push it back to the top of the page again and hopefully remind somebody.
You should also try this forum

ps without trying to put a damper on things- wedding dresses can be bulky old things- perhaps a slightly bigger Mercedes of that vintage and look might do?



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I've posted this over onto the Mercedes-190.co.uk forum , so hopefully someone there will help .

If you don't get any luck , pm me . My car is Rosso Red ( burgundy ) colour , but with advance notice I'll drive down from Scotland as long as you cover petrol ( £150 -ish for round trip ) but hopefully you'll get someone closer .
D-oh , why didn't I notice before replying (again) that this is an old thread and I'd already replied ?


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