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Jun 23, 2005
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Just had word from my mate who still works in the MOT station I worked in a good few years ago- he phoned me as a 190 came in for its test and he knows I love old Mercs! The current owner seemingly just bought it for its plate, but needed an MOT to get the plate off- it only got 1 advisory for a balljoint I think. Owner doesn't want to keep the car and it'll be cheap- thats all I know for now, Car is in Fife. Hopefully it'll get saved and cherished. I've no room for it so thought I'd put it up here- he's off to New Zeland until the end of Feb, so plenty of time to decide if you want it- I have the guys number, PM me if interested and I'll pass it on.

There is also a blue LE for sale round the corner from me- if anyone is looking for one of these I can find out more.

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