1982 W123 240d 4 Speed manual and all the parts for an OM605 5 speed manual swap #superturbo

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May 16, 2015
1992 300TD Estate
I have documented my project here. My family is moving to the US and I'm having second thoughts about shipping everything. If I can get enough for the car, engine and huge mass of parts, I will sell it all and start over (again!) in the US. I'd prefer for it all to go together. Prices for individual items will be higher. All the items are at my house and I am happy to assist with packing/loading the parts and engine if you bring a suitable vehicle.

Included in the sale are:
1982 W123 240D 4 spd manual with 215k miles. Great compression, recent valve adjustment. Rusty in the usual places and has been previously welded underneath. It's not a show car, but it's not a junker either. Won't need an MOT or tax after January next year. Current MOT good through 2 September. No reason it wouldn't pass as it passed before I did all the work on it.

I have done the following work to it (if I can remember everything):
front suspension: shocks, ball joints, tie rods, upper control arms, one bump spring perches
brakes: rebuilt front calipers, new rear calipers, new front pads/discs, new rubber lines f and r and new fluid, new master cylinder and cleaned reservoir
W202 steel wheels with spacers
New Michelin tires
Throttle cable
Oil/filter change
Fuel filters
Ran fuel pump cleaner through the pump
Added arm rest to driver's seat
I have miscellaneous new parts that are yet to be installed.

OM605 with 125k miles (roughly) including:
new turbo actuator
new water pump & housing
new fan clutch
Diesel Pump UK 7.7 mm element mechanical pump (not installed, new in box)
Ran perfectly when removed from my S202 estate

W124 5 speed transmission

various drive shafts for the swap

722.6 5gtronic auto box out of the S202

Engine mounting arms to swap 605 into W123

Various other parts, both used and new, like bolts, mounts, connectors, MB coolant, power steering fluid/filter, etc.

I have a lot of sweat equity into this project, as well as a substantial financial investment...but as the saying goes my loss your gain.

I'd really prefer not to separate things out, mostly because my move is imminent. But if I have to separate it the price for each item increases (ie: engine and pump £2k, 240d £3,750, etc.).

I'm a relatively reasonable person and willing to negotiate a little...but very little. If I cannot get what I think things are worth I will move forward with my insane plan to crate the engine and parts and ship the car to myself in the US. Feel free to contact me for a boat load of images; I don't want to clog up the forum with too many.



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Update: price to ship the car has gone up substantially, so lowering the price for the car and willing to separate out from other items.

£3500 for the car OBO. I have about £5k into it.
I've had zero interest in this so have decided to keep it, ship it to the US, and continue with this crazy project here!

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