1989 230E W124 Saloon

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Mar 28, 2012
Hi All,

Selling my Father's 1989 W124 230E Saloon as he is no longer able to drive it due to health reasons. He's the second owner and bought the car in 1994, so has owned it for 29 years. The mileage when he bought it was 26315 (still have the original bill of sale). At some point between 2005 - 2007 the original odometer stopped working at 60k miles. This was replaced by another unit that also stopped working. A third unit was put in with the mileage showing 150k and also stopped ticking over. Everything else on the cluster works - dials/lights etc. If I was to guess the actual mileage, I'd say it's probably somewhere in the 100-110k area as my Father has only driven locally and infrequently in the last 15-20 years. My Father couldn't be bothered to try and get the odometer working again as it isn't an MOT fail so he just lived with it.

The car had a full high quality respray in 2016 with all rust areas treated. The paintwork still looks beautiful when the car is washed and waxed. There are some small scratches and minor dings that the car has picked up since then. But nothing major that stands out.

The MOT is due December 2023 and the last one showed that the coil springs and jacking points will need attention. Mechanically the car has always been solid and my Father was using it weekly up until his health issues earlier this year.

The interior is fine but could use a tidy up. There is seat bolster wear on the drivers seat, and the trim around the window buttons has started to crack due to the extreme heat in recent years.

There is some stamped service history and lots of old MOTs/receipts for work done in his ownership. He never planned on selling the car but with his health problems and ULEZ expanding to outer London we have no choice but to part with it. It will be heartbreaking for him so would love to see it go to an enthusiast who will look after it and keep it going. Unfortunately if it doesn't sell soon it will likely be scrapped under the ULEZ scrappage scheme. So please do come forward soon if you're interested.

Car is located in NW London and priced at £3500. Open to offers.


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Price drop to £2500. Surely somebody has some space and love for this classic?

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