1990 W201 190 Carburetor project car

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Jul 20, 2004
An elderly friend of mine has too many cars (6 for 2 drivers) & this one has been shuffled to the back of the pack & under utilised. He's having a car clear out, hoping to get down to 3 cars. I suggested an ad here before it gets punted out to a wider audience on ebay or AT.

It is a 1990 'G' reg 2 litre automatic 190 (with a carb, not a 190E). AFAIK this car has zero electronics. I've heard people say that come the nuclear winter three things will still be going: the internet, cucarachas & Mercedes 190s.

My friend has owned it for about 15 years & knew it before buying it when it belonged to a friend of his. It has been sitting around for about 3 years, fired up now & then to be driven around a local field. I drove the car when it was last on the road & was impressed by how refined & comfortable it was. 147 odd thousand miles, in need of a tune up, starts intermittently now due to lack of use this is an easy project for someone who hankers for that 1990's driving experience for peanuts. Comes with a genuine MB N/S front wing in the right color.

I could waffle on for a few hundred words about the car but the pictures tell the story better than I can. Bear in mind not a single thing has been done to tart this car up & make it look better. If you have an interest you really need to come & see it, & pretty soon before it gets advertised.

The car is about 5 miles E. of Reading.

£1450 ono.


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The car has been serviced & the intermittent start issue attended to - it was a stuck needle in the carb.

The car now comes with a brand new 12 month MOT.

If anybody is interested I'll honour the £1250 price for a few days for mbclub guys, after that it's going to be advertised.

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