1991 W124 230E - Well sorted after much recent work.

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    Here is my advert for my lovely Mercedes W124. Unfortunately, after nearly 5 years, I think the time may be right to sell as I’m not going to have much free time to use the car in 2014 and I have two other cars to occupy my time. It’s an excellent car that’s benefited from a lot of worthwhile recent expenditure that I’ll detail further down.


    Model: Mercedes Benz W124 230E Automatic Saloon.
    Date of Registration: 1 February 1991
    Mileage: 113,072 miles
    MOT Expiry: 22 October 2014
    Tax Expriry: 31 October 2014
    Date of Purchase: 18 July 2009 (V5 in my name at my address)
    Location: Merseyside
    Price: £1,495 (no part exchange wanted)
    Contact: via thread or PM initially please

    I think this W124 has quite a generous specification for a four cylinder example. I’m not 100% sure on what was standard and what was an optional extra. On that basis, I’ll list everything obvious and you can decide for yourself!

    Metallic Paint (Anthracite Grey)
    ABS Brakes
    Cruise Control
    Heated Seats
    Automatic Transmission
    Electric Sunroof
    Electric Windows, Front and Rear
    Illuminated Vanity Mirrors, Driver and Passenger
    Centre Armrests, Front and Rear
    Exterior Temperature Guage
    Alloy Wheels
    Blaupunkt Casablanca CM62 Radio Cassette (will include MP3 adaptor)
    Three keys. Two master and one valet/service key. One master key has a leather wallet.

    The interior trimmed in black cloth. It is basically unmarked. There’s no stains, cigarette burns etc. It’s clean, tidy and correct. There’s a set of front and rear footwell mats fitted. These are genuine Mercedes ‘ridged’ items and are also without any signs of wear.

    The exterior of the car is as per the photos. Excellent for the age of the car but it is not concours. There’s some blistering to the drivers side front wing. This is visible in the photos if you look carefully. The other three wheel arches are thankfully free from corrosion. There are some marks to the bumpers but I can't get them to show in the photos. I have bought some touch ups from Mercedes for both the upper and lower colour should you want to address any of the above.

    The wheels have just been refurbished and fitted with new Continental Premium Contact 5 tyres. They’ve only done approx 1,000 miles so are as new.

    The car has benefited from a large amount of recent work – all occuring within the past 1,500 miles. The aim was to make the car reliable and dependable for many years to come.

    1, ENGINE) The engine was showing signs of head gasket failure. I removed the head and it was sent to Lane Ends Engineering to be skimmed and pressure tested. They returned it with a clean bill of health. It was refitted with an Elring head gasket kit and head bolts. I noted when the head was off, that the bores look to be without any wear at all – honing marks still visibile at 111k miles! The engine uses no oil or water. Hot oil pressure at idle in P or N is 2.5bar. As soon as you touch the throttle, it goes straight back to 3bar.

    2, COOLING SYSTEM) Considering all the effort put into the head gasket repair, I thought it wise to ensure this didn't happen again. On that basis, I thought it wise to 'future proof' the cooling system. On that basis, the radiator and water pump were replaced with new items along with a genuine Mercedes thermostat and obviously, new anti freeze. The car now warms up quickly and sits happily at 80/81 degrees up hill and down dale.

    3, FUEL SYSTEM) The main fuel pump has been changed along with the fuel filter. The injectors have been ultrasonically cleaned. I have also replaced the fuel pump relay with a brand new Mercedes part. This cost £94 plus VAT alone but I thought it wiser to fit a brand new part rather than risk being stranded by a part of unknown provenance.

    4, IGNITION SYSTEM) The HT leads, spark plugs, distributor cap and rotor arm have been replaced. The plugs are NGK whilst everything else is Beru.

    5, BREATHERS) All of the engine breather hoses and connectors have been replaced.

    6, ELECTRICAL) The battery tray was corroded and has been replaced. A Bosch S4 Battery has also been fitted.

    7, SUSPENSION) The front ball joints and anti roll bar bushes have replaced with genuine Mercedes parts.

    8, WHEELS & TYRES) All the alloy wheels have been refurbished as per the close up photo below. I fitted a full set of new Continental Premium Contact 5 tyres which seem to suit the car well. The wheels and tyres have been balanced with the weights on the inside.

    9, FULL SERVICE) The car has been serviced as follows:

    Oil and filter changed. Mercedes filter and fully synthetic 5w40 oil.
    Air filter changed. Mercedes part.
    Fuel filter changed. MANN filter.
    Spark plugs - NGK.
    Gearbox oil and filter changed. Genuine filter with Dextron II fluid.
    Power steering fluid and filter changed. Mercedes filter and fluid.
    Differential oil changed. Millers 75w90 semi synthetic.
    The auxiliary belt has also been replaced.

    I will now list any known problems with the car, that way no one will be disappointed!

    1) Neither of the passenger side electric windows are working. The front passenger window, you can hear the motor so I assume a regulator problem. The rear passenger window is silent. I assume the motor or a switch.

    2) The aerial is at half mast. It still picks up a good signal for Radio 2, Radio 4 and Radio 5. As this is all I listen to, motivation to sort this out is lacking!

    3) Blister/scab on the drivers wing as per photos.

    I think I’ve covered everything with the advert. If there’s anything else you’d like to know, please get in touch. I’m hoping that the car will be bought by someone equally as enthusiastic as myself. I’ve put a lot of time and effort into this car not to mention quite a bit of money making it reliable and dependable for many years to come. It would be nice if the next owner could continue this.

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