1992 300 sl-24 m104

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Apr 16, 2010
How are you all doing ? I was wondering if any one could tell me where i could find a head bolt tightening sequence diagram.for a 1992 300 sl-24 with m104 engine.i am replacing the head gasket and i am at the point where i need to know this to finish.
Thank you very much

is the M104 14 bolt pattern like the M103?? I'm not too familiar with the M104'S..

If so! it will be this pattern..sorry for the pic..just did that using ms paint.


By null at 2010-05-14

My local Indie has a new Snap-On torque wrench that will read out in degrees. So you can nip the bolts up to 70 Nm and then dial up 90 degrees of rotation. The wrench doesn't start counting till the bolt starts turning and it beeps when you reach 90 degrees

A question for the smart-****s: how does a torque wrench know when it's tightened a bolt through 90 degrees?

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For the M104, MB's own Technical data passenger cars (October 1993) gives 55Nm (not 70Nm) as the initial torque, with 90° rotation at Stage 2 and Stage 3. The tightening sequence is as in the first diagram above.

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