1992 W124 230E Exhaust manifold heat shield

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Nov 9, 2022
Fair Oak
Only had the car a week.

Seems that there should be a heat shield on the exhaust manifold, looking on Ebay, see them advertised as being for my car, but, they are not all the same. So I'm unsure what I'm looking for. Anyone got a photo of the correct item fitted to the car?

I've bought a soundproofing mat for under the bonnet, any suggestions what adhesive I should be using. It gets hot under there.
My manifold has two bolt holes on the top horizontal face. I don't see how this would fit?
The above photo is what I need. Tried to add a photo of my manifold, but this forum states the file is too big. Using my mobile to write this post. I thought I'd added this text to my earlier photo. 🙄
That heat shield is mainly cosmetic. The smaller one pictured by OPrime is far more important as it shields the steering box and fluid from the heat of the exhaust

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