1992 W124 300TD Electrical Problems

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by tomghannon, Aug 31, 2015.

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    Oct 10, 2010
    Co. Clare, Ireland
    1992 W124 300TD, 2001 W210 E320CDI
    Hi all, I haven't been very active here of late owing to the fact that I parked up my 300TD a couple of years ago.

    It has been started and run regularly (every couple of weeks) however I have now noticed some electrical issues, briefly as follows:

    1. Rear lights very dim, both tailights and brakelights.
    2. Boot closer not working properly, the mechanism is repeating as if it is attempting to close the boot, however I suspect that this may be draining the battery as the car does have to be jump started.
    3. Driver's side electric window is now stuck in the down position.

    I think the above issues may be due to the fact that the sunroof is nor closing properly and may be letting in water (Car is stored outside occasionally) Can anyone advise if these issues may be related and would it be a case of possibly corroded connections for example? Thanks for your assistance.
  2. CreosoteChris

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    Aug 16, 2014
    1993 220CE
    I'm not a big expert, but during a year of W124 ownership I've experienced multiple issues associated with corroded fuses (and also seen this mentioned on multiple threads whilst trawling around for info on my issues).

    Corrosion can cause voltages across the electrical fittings to drop - so it's not just a case of outright failure.

    I would say start by getting a bagful of spare fuses (very cheaply available from ebay and similar), and junking the originals. Costs a few quid, worth it even if it doesn't fix your immediate issues - at least it eliminates fuses from the equation, and prevents a bunch of future issues which will surely arise without the swap.

    Regards Chris
    93 220CE, auto, red / black leather, 108k, Manchester
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