1993 320CE (124 Cabriolet) For Sale

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Mar 28, 2013
124 Cabriolet - 320 CE; 1973 350 SLC
This is a rare and impressive car, in a really smart and distinctive colour combination of Almandine metallic with cream leather interior. It has a comprehensive history of routine and preventative maintenance, with past restoration work and all the common problem areas addressed. Mileage is just over 126k, and the MOT (with no advisories) runs to Nov 2017.

I have owned this lovely car since April 2013 and the previous owner bought it in 2009. Long-term caring ownership is key to fully enjoying and appreciating these cars, and this one has been very well looked-after.

There are full service records and bills dating from 2009. These show that a lot of work was done and the car was, essentially, restored. This work included an engine rebuild with new cylinder heads, radiator, water pump, head gasket (an important job on these) and a whole load of other work – all of which is supported by receipts and a photographic record. The car was stripped and repainted, with some welding to sills and inner panels and cavity waxing done in July 2010. The car's body still looks very good, with good arches and sills.

There are lots of other bills for new headlining, all sorts of bits of minor trim and so on, all from MB Main Dealers. The servicing and oil changes have been done on time, mainly by local specialists and independents. Front and rear brake discs, pads and calipers have been replaced, and the most recent work in April 2017 was the fitting of a new electric seat switch and a new screen-wash pump.

The electric roof is an engineering marvel, which is in good condition and works perfectly. As well as the usual features, this car has electric front seats and air-conditioning. It is fitted with excellent quality and barely-worn Continental tyres. This one is the last of the pre-facelift, so is less prone to wiring loom concerns and has the reliable 4-speed switchable gearbox, the chrome strips across the top of the colour-coded sacco panels, and has the star in the traditional place on the radiator rather than the bonnet.

I've been really pleased with this car. It looks good and performs well. I've owned it for longer than any other car I've ever had and am only selling it because I shortly have to move house and have 3 other cars, including a Mercedes SLC, so I really need to down-size. I know I'll miss it.

This is by far the most desirable variant of the much-admired 124, and this is a very nice example. The car is located in Innsworth, between Cheltenham and Gloucester. Asking price is £11,750, and I am of course open to sensible offers.



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Chaps - any thoughts on this? I've been advertising it for nearly a week with no comments or apparent interest at all. I know they're difficult to price, with basket cases at the sub-6 end and daft prices in hight teens with dealers, but I've deliberately pitched it in the middle as it's such a good example.
Summer's here, sort of, so I was expecting more interest.
This is still for sale. Despite not having the summer weather to enjoy it, it's looking terrific. Happy to negotiate on price if that's putting anyone off.
This summer has not, in general, been a good time to advertise a soft top, but mine is still for sale.

I suspect that the classic Merc market might not be massively price-sensitive, but I’d certainly consider a price reduction if it might make a difference.

There are now 3 months left on the MOT so I’m going to get it re-done early so that there is a reassuring 12 months- plus of test remaining.
The car is still for sale, with a brand new MOT. I have decided to drop the price, and am now asking £10,950.

It's a terrific car, but I'm moving house and job soon and I really need the space.
Right chaps, I'm making a bold price correction.

I really need to either sell the car or make plans to store it over the winter and, with an imminent house and job move, I need the flexibility.

So, to that end, I've decided to drop the price to £9750. That gets it under the max-10k search that I suspect some will do and might make it more widely appealing.

I think it's really attractively priced now, and I hope someone fancies snapping up an autumn bargain.

Any thoughts?
I am going to make one final attempt to sell the car before having to find winter storage. I move house shortly so, frankly, really need the space so I am serious about selling. The price has now been reduced to £9250.
If any of you are, or if you know of anyone, that might be interested, please PM me and we can do a deal. It's a wonderful car.
Well, chaps, I'm going to drop the price once again. £8500 is as low as I'll go, but it's decision time - I either need to sell or store so I'll do a more significant price drop in order to see if I can entice a pre-winter buyer.

Any interest at £8500?
Car now sold. I'm going to miss it I think.

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