1993 500SL Bracing bars?

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Mar 5, 2015
Cardigan, West Wales
1993 500SL, 2002 CL500, Jaguar 6.0L XJR-S, XJS 5.3L Conv, XJS 4.0L Conv
Hi I am in process of getting my 1993 500SL on the road for summer having been last used in 2010. When I put it up on my restoration ramps last week to change brake pipes I noticed a large amount flaking paint / surface rust had appeared on the attached Brace / Bar, question is what is this actually called both of these are quite badly rusted although most of the suspension components are fine and I'm replacing all disks / pads this weekend. I was going to shot / soda blast these but am thinking maybe just as easy to buy some second hand ones but what are they called. I've done various search for Bracing Bars / Bars etc but nothing shows up. Thanks


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Search eBay for <91 Mercedes Benz SL500 R129 Rear Lower Cross Support Bars Beams DAMAGED>. I don't know whether that's the correct name, but those look right to me.
Many thanks E55BOF for the advice.

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