1993 e300 d bio diesal or not?

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Oct 19, 2010
I have a w124 e300 D great car which I love!
After trawling the net for info on Biodiesal conversion, I have been getting mixed messages about converting or not ,some say you need a kit ,others say just pour it in but not in the winter! 50/50 mix! keep a spare fuel filter in the boot etc etc .
I am a little confused can you help me clarify .Many thanks.
if this is real Biodiesel no need for conversion. About mixing you might need some bio antifreeze, coldflow or something. ( dunno what they use?)
Do not confuse with WVO as you'll defenitly need to mix for the WVO.
great site for info, you'll get all you need there:
vegetableoildiesel.co.uk - Powered by XMB
there is actually a topic on additive:
vegetableoildiesel.co.uk - Cold Weather Additive Recommendations - Powered by XMB
some trying selling winter thingy?
vegetableoildiesel.co.uk - Winteriser Available - Powered by XMB

I don't know anything about bio, I am on WVO.
About the spare filter get a few. Just to be safe :)
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As has been said some people confuse Veg Oil with Biodiesel,

i) Veg oil or waste veg oil (WVO) is untreated and will need to be mixed with diesel or biodiesel or it will congeal in colder weather.

ii) Biodiesel is veg oil or wvo which has gone through some processing and has chemicals added to it and will not need mixing unless it gets really cold.
swannymere How much a litre do you buy this oil for,have an e250d just curios,
Do you have to service more often,fuel filter etc
I don't, you can get wvo free from some places but you'll need to filter it before putting it in your car, the more you filter the better. My brothers restaurant used to have to pay someone to dipose of it, it used to be £3 per container (usually 20 or 25l.) but i think the collection companies might even pay the restaurants now! Be aware that some makes won't run on wvo or biodiesel, Peugeot and Citroen HDi engines for one, and other vehicles might need an uprated fuel pump to cope. As was posted it's best to go on one of the above forums and get aquainted before jumping in.
its interesting reading,does it smell like a chip shop though, everywhere you go
i run my E300D W124 on WVO same as Olivier. 100% in the summer, 90 WVO/ 10 RUG in winter.

the veg forum links Olilvier posted above is the best place for advice.
I ran my 300D 50/50 wvo/diesel in the summer, now on 100% diesel without modification. As silver saloon says, those links are very useful, and if you'd like to see how forum members tackle using vegetable oil in their cars, try using the search function. There are many threads and posts on the subject providing a wealth of information.

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