1993 s124 320te

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Mar 9, 2011
Swansea, Dubai, Riyadh
1997 W140 S600L/2003 S211 320cdi
1993 320TE, Malachite Green, Mushroom Leather, 5 speed

Looks awesome from 20 ft away when its soaking wet. Looks a bit S*%t up close when its dry.

Decent spec which includes,

Cruise Control
Electric drivers and passenger seats
Heated front seats
Electric steering wheel adjustment
Illuminated vanity mirrors
Passenger airbag
5pd Auto
ASR Traction control

It was originally a 7 seater, and still has the seat belts and seat back in the boot, but the seat base area has been used to house 2 amplifiers for the audio set up which includes:

New Blaupunkt Toronto head unit which has Bluetooth for phone connection, aux in and usb on the front. mic is installed in car for phone.
Sub woofer mounted in the spare wheel and ported into the boot.
2 blaunpunkt amplifiers
Small Infinity sub woofers mounted in front door cards using original MB premium audio door cards.
Tweeters mounted on door sail panels
2 way full range speakers mounted in normal dash locations
full range speakers mounted in rear doors
Crossovers for the front subs and tweeters located in front wheel wells

Wheels where refurbed by "The wheel specialist" about 2 years ago and are still in excellent shape.

3 of the tyres are Dunlop Blu response, and 1 is a goodyear efficient grip (had a puncture and Kwikfit only had the Goodyear in stock ). All have excellent treat. I'll confirm exact depths over the weekend.

Car had head gasket and engine bay loom replaced by previous owner.

In the last 2 years its had new front calipers, discs and pads all round, all four brake hoses, rear suspension spheres, thermostat, viscous fan clutch.

For the last MOT I had the front wishbones changed (Febi), and had the front ARB bushes, brackets and hangers changed at the same time.

It's due a transmission fluid change (No bad symptoms), so I'll include the filter, gasket and fluid required.

Both front wings have been replaced. These are now by far the best parts of the car.

The bad stuff.........

Back box is blowing and will need to be replaced
Drivers seat bolster has a hole in the normal place
Both the plastic trim pieces on the tailgate are cracked. I'll include replacements.
The paintwork is pretty scruffy.
The leather steering wheel is cracked and split and really needs replacing
Clear coat has failed on the drivers and passenger doors just below the windows

I'll post pics of the audio install, interior, and close ups of the body work over the weekend.

Looking for £1,000 and the car is in Swansea


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Some more pics


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Message for SG1, I can't reply to your PM as your inbox is full and you need to clear some messages before you can accept any more.
Some interior pics

I forgot to mention in the main listing, all the rear subframe bushes have been replaced, along with all the brake lines and hydraulic lines, which were replaced with cupro nickel. Also, the prop shaft flex discs have been replaced.


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Even more pics

Even more pics


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Now sold. Grateful if mods could remove this thread. Thanks.

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