1994 W124 E280 Estate cutting out & not restarting.

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Jul 20, 2004
A friend has one & just recently it has been starting fine & then running for only a few minutes before cutting out.

He's replaced the green fuel pump relay after taking the cover off & seeing no movement when turning the key, he's replaced the fuel filter today 'cos he didn't know when it had been changed before. Battery is new & the wiring loom looks to be OK.

Problem persists. After stalling it will restart but needs a good 15-20 minutes just sitting before it fires up again, than stalls.
Have you had a really close look at the wiring loom? Parts of it may look fine at a quick glance. Has it ever been replaced?
No paperwork to suggest it has been changed, though I think it must have been done as the car is nearly 30 y.o. My mate has had it 6 or 7 years.

He doesn't want to throw parts at the car in an expensive & frustrating game so it's going into the indy next week for a definitive diagnosis & fix.
Blocked fuel tank breather filter allowing vacuum build up in tank? Easily checked by leaving fuel cap loose. classic FPR problem but if that's OK then maybe ignition switch problem in run position?
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Does the wing have to come off to change the fuel tank breather filter?
Reason I ask is the car seems to run OK with the petrol cap loose or off, so a new fuel tank breather filter might be on the cards & mate is hoping it's not a wing off job.
Normally found/hidden behind the passenger side plastic front wheel arch liner towards the bulkhead-wing removal not required

Screwed by a charcoal canister

only shows mount bracket with filter canister removed but shows position under arch liner

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No need to take the wing off but you may find it hard to get a new one. Ours needed one a couple of years back and NLA from Mercedes. Fortunately a well known auction site came up trumps.
There are slightly different designs--metal v plastic bodies-or later car model units may possibly be modified to fit. As an interim measure as long as the fuel tank is vented to atmosphere, and the inlet manifold vacuum take-off blocked off, the car will run till a solution /part can be found
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This turned out to be a faulty OVP relay. The repair was complicated by the 1st replacement OVP (a genuine MB part) being duff.

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