1995 sl320 new owner ...orange indicators?

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Jun 6, 2016
1995 R129 320 SL, Volvo C30, Porsche 996, Honda Jazz Sport
Morning all,

Hope you are well.

My '95 sl320 has been fitted with white front indicator lenses when I think originally they would have been orange?

If this is the case would someone kindly sell me a pair?

I don't think your M/Y has completely orange indicators, more of a 1/2 orange, 1/2 white. Like this.


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..Thanks Richard and I think we have an odd one? My car has orange side repeaters on the wings but clear indicator lenses...
In general, somewhere in the mid-nineties car indicators shifted from amber lens with clear bulb to amber bulb with clear lense.

Incidentally, you can get after market bulbs from MB, where the bulb lights up amber, but has a silver coating. When the indicators are off, the silver coated bulb is not visible thought the clear lens thus eliminating the visual amber 'spot' under the clear lens which some find unattractive.
....but if your car is fitted with clear lens and clear bulb, then I think that possibility at some point someone swapped the original amber bulb with clear bulb, or perhaps swapped the amber lens with clear lens without changing the bulb - because I don't believe that white indicators (clear lens with clear bulb) were ever legal in the UK.
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... very helpful,thank you...I will investigate but I am inclined towards getting hold of some amber lenses as I do like them...
..Orange bulbs are fitted.
When I was looking for mine it seemed that 95/96 cars had the two tone indicators before that it was orange and after it was clear
...looks like I need two tone ones thus I have contacted someone breaking a 95 500sl with the correct lenses...

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