1996 C124 passenger seat belt butler issues

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Nov 22, 2011
South London
1996 W124 E220 Coupe
Hi all

Needed some advice - the seat belt butler on the passenger side of my E220 coupe abruptly stopped working today.

I had the seat back all the way recently, and was wondering if this could be why.

Is there a sequence to follow when diagnosing this issue on these cars?

Drivers side works perfectly at present, and nothing else seems to have been effected by the butlers malfunction.

The car is a facelift 124 coupe for reference.


Sometimes it can be as simple as checking the door open/closed switch on the A pillar, they do corrode a bit....
After that I guess it is out with the multi meter after you have access to the motor wires to see if you have power at the motor; which means taking off the rear side panel. Not too hard but the seat belt anchor on the lower sill can be problematic to get the spring set/working so it tucks the belt away from your feet as you climb into the rear.
Here's a shot of what they look like on a Cabbie after the side panels are removed.

There are some micro switches in the assembly as well which you can test while you're in there.

I put a small amount of chain lube on the gears and release mechanism which made them super quiet, you cannot hear the things come out now.


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