1996 E230 flashing green red lights - non starter


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Jun 17, 2011

New to the forum & this is my first post.

Just bought a 1996 E230 auto petrol saloon for a Top Gear style cheap car challenge.

Car was fine but neither of the remote fobs (single button) worked so to lock & unlock I had to put the key in the drivers door. This was fine until in my wisdom I thought I would try & fix the remote locking with new batterys. Put them in, synchd the key & the locking works fine but the car wont start & the green & red lights under the mirror flash alternatly.
I have tried the batterys in the spare key but still wont start.
I have tried the key in the door to lock/unlock but still wont start.

I have seen several posts about what may be wrong but not sure about what might apply to my E230.

Any help very much appreciated as the challenge is in 2 weeks.


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