1997 C180esprit (w202) speed pulse


Dec 21, 2006
Mid Wales
1989 190E + c180 esptrit (w202)
HELP ? 1997 C180esprit (w202) speed pulse

Help !
trying to find the speed pulse wire in this car. read most of the previuos posts and cant seem to find a pulse at all.:(
obvious first place was the iso plug at pin 1 (green/mauve) but cant find a pulse !
the wire is at 12volts with the ignition on and as soon as the car moves it drops to 6.5 volts and stays there whatever speed until the car comes to a hault. :confused:
also tried looking in cable duct at drivers front door post for a green/white wire but it doesnt cary a pulse stays at 0volt until brakes are aplyed and goes up to 0.7volt (obviously not that one then):mad:
next place was direct from the diff sensor and found a pulse but its such a low voltage with a very small change of voltage to speed ratio that it aint good enough for the needed purpose ? ( you guessed a taxi meter)
Need to find a pulsing voltage between 0.0volt / 12.0volt ?
surely someone knows ??.
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