1997 C250TD Transmission not shifting into 2nd gear


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Aug 20, 2015
1997 Mercedes Benz C250 TD
Hi guys,

My uncle has a 1997 Mercedes W202 C250 TurboDiesel (2.5L OM605 engine) with manual (5-speed) transmission.

On the clock about 220,000 miles

His transmission is showing the following symptoms:

  1. Doesn't want to shift into 2nd gear (from 1st of 3rd). The moment you put it in 2nd it just slips out into neutral.

  2. In 3rd gear at faster acceleration it makes quite an audible grinding noise (coming from the transmission), but the acceleration seems fine.

He says that it sometimes also makes a similar noise in 1st gear, but usually only when the car is warm.

Reverse, 4th and 5th gears are all fine.

When the car is switched off I can put it into all gears accept 4th. Not sure if this may help to give clues to the cause, or if it is only coincidental because the car is switched off.

Anyone knows what we are dealing with here?

I take it that a worst case scenario would be a replacement of the manual transmission, but is there anything else that may cause it like low transmission oil/fluid, bushings, etc.?

Thanks in advance!

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