1998 Mercedes c230k mods

Discussion in 'Engine' started by C230k97, Dec 18, 2016.

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    Mar 17, 2016
    C class c230k w202
    Hi there I have a s reg Mercedes c230k w202
    I am currently looking to mod it, so far I have took the destructors from the engine and fitted k and n other than that it's standard , I no it has an eaton m62 supercharger so what other mods can I do to it I've heard of pulley mods but I'd like to no abit more about it
    Any help would be appreciated
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    Mazda MX5 10AE, W201 2.5-16, W202 230K Sport man, Honda Accord & Suzuki 'Ricer'.
    The first thing I'd advise you to do is read up on this forum which covers SLK R170 (same Kompressor engine as the W202) and modifications in detail. It's the most comprehensive forum on the M111 K engine.
    R170 SLK-Class - Mercedes-Benz Forum

    The most popular route and best bang for buck is to fit a larger crankshaft pulley after that it's milling down the S/C pulley, porting the S/C, fitting a larger I.C. etc. I can't expand on the last three mods I mentioned as I haven't carried those out for several reasons.

    By the way the only worthwhile modification to the air inlet is to use two cone filters, one for the inlet and one for the S/C bypass valve. Again see the forum above for details.

    Top tip: First make sure the cooling system is in good order and two, make sure the S/C belt tensioner is in suitable condition to run a larger crank pulley.

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