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Jan 25, 2019
Hurworth, Darlington
1999 SLK 230K
Hi all. Could some kindly soul please take some pics of their fuses card / or back of fuse cover for: the engine fuses, and the headlamp switch / dash side cover fuse panel / and for the boot fuses (if there is one for those too) and send to me. Sorry to be a pain but for some weird reason there is nada info on any of my fuse panels, not a fuse info card, nor an imprint on the reverse of any of the the plastic fuse panels to tell you what fuses are used for what system. I've spoke to a Merc dealership, they can't help. I've got an electronic PDF repair manual, but that's American and hardly any of the fuses listed in there correspond to my car! It's a British registered 1999 230 SLK Auto. I've got a strange horn issue when re-connecting the battery, and a previous owner has spliced one of the fuses with a neighbouring fuse plug with a larger value independent fuse (very strange to look at) in the headlight switch/side dash fuse block, and an on-line fuse has been spliced in in the main engine compartment F1 fuse block. I'm desperate to get to the bottom of all of this, and I want to at least start off with the correct fuse info. The car drives and performs lovely mind, and everything seems to work ok, but I'm on a mission, particularly with that re-connecting the battery horn sound thing (constant, not intermittent horn sound). I'd really appreciate your help. My email address or mobile no on request. Thanks a lot, Paul
There's a really good video of the fuse boxes on You Tube. You can take screenshots of what you need, or make a paper copy for yourself.

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Nice one thanks Andy will do, I would have gone to good ol YouTube eventually but thought I'd start with the forum first. What a resource YouTube is by the way, many a time . . . etc etc lol
Love your car, fantastic ride :)

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