2 New grandchildren in a week!

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Oct 1, 2015
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Well it’s been a busy week!
Both daughters had babies this week - one, two weeks early, but all smooth sailing - a little baby boy!

The other a day late… but it was a long labour, and they kept telling her to go home when they went to Hosp on Thursday, and on Friday…. On sat they told her NOT to attend. (They should have picked up breech on Thurs or fri)

Sunday @ the last minute, they found out baby was breech, too late to turn.
Baby delivered but not easy at all, head stuck at one stage.
But she’s here and beautiful.
They messed up daughters epidural too, and tapped the spinal column, fluid leak. Massive headaches and back pain. Has has to lie flat making looking after baby nigh on impossible.
Had a procedure today to try to patch it.
it’s all been so stressful. Luckily her other half is really good.
Hopefully it works.
Hopefully both ok somewhere down the road.

You then feel both useless, and guilty that you haven’t spent equal time with both -
life’s never a straight line is it…..

Grandkids are a treasure. We looked after 3 of ours part time from before they could walk until they started school, a priceless experience. Starting pensions for them is certainly an option. We have chosen junior ISA's instead which should give them a sizeable sum at 18 in time for the expense of university. I'm looking at one of my grand children right now as we are up in York looking after him during the half term holiday. We did the Minster today then McDonalds for lunch and then the Viking festival. It's surprising how many kids are out and about with their grandparents. You have all this to look forward to.
Wonderful. Big congratulations to all. 🥂🍻👍

We’re not taking anything for granted but Mrs Ant & I are very much looking forward to the prospect of grandchildren in the future. 🥳
Congratulations, on the new Grandkids, and good health to everyone. 🙂👍
Congratulations to you all. Sorry to hear it wasn’t straight forward but memories of the unpleasant stuff will fade, and be replaced with the wonderful stuff.

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