2000 clk230 avandgarde

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Jun 11, 2011
Stranraer Scotland
clk230 avantgarde,mazda mx5 hardtop convertable
I have a 230 clk 2000. the boot lid has stopped working from the interior switch and the remote. I have tried the metal key which will not turn either way. I have also tried lubing,now the battery is flat and have no way of getting into the boot though I can access the interior..any ideas anyone
You should find a +ve terminal under the bonnet, passenger side, near the bulkhead on the inner wing. Should enable you to charge the battery.

As for the boot - have you tried wd40 in the lock and lots of patience wiggling the key - they can often be freed up after a while (hours, not minutes).
The whole car is negative earthed. The power point mentioned by Steve is a positive connection/terminal.

Use an exposed area of metalwork, a metal bracket on the engine for example to connect the negative of some booster cables to a spare battery or suitable charger :)
Thanks Will my job at 9am tomorrow
Thanks to all who helped car running and blow me down and call me a skoda but the boot now works from inside the car.If anyone else has a boot problem make sure you never locked it independently of the rest of the car as you can do this.
Just fixed it for my brother's CLK too, many thanks :thumb:

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