2000 Model Facelift E55 AMG for sale

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Aug 23, 2007
W220, A209, S211.
I have for sale, a Facelift E55 AMG for £5000 its done 125,000 miles with full service history, just been serviced less than 400 miles ago by a Mercedes Technician in his own time and he gave the car a complete once over, cleared the fault codes and reset them, printed me off a sheet with said codes on and said I have a very good car, you may know of it on here a while back, being that it is in Alexandrite Green and was up for sale for £6250 on ebay,

VIN WDB2100742A989721 Plant 50 Model E 55 AMG Chassis 2100742A989721 Engine 113980 60 009728 Transmission 722636 01 729567 Tyres Primary MICHELIN Order 0 9 537 18355 Lights HELLA Cab 00000 Delivery date 13.09.99 Dealer Great Britain (537) Interior leather "Condor" anthracite+black (521) Paint 891 alexandrite green metallic (с 1978) Options 213 parameter steering (с 01.07.1989)
214 electronically controlled damping system (ADS) (с 01.03.1994)
241 left front seat electrically adjustable with memory feature. only applicable to w 210 when installed in conjunction with code 275. (с 01.03.1983)
249 automatically dipping inside rear view mirror (с 01.06.1990)
273 installation kit for D net mobile telephone (с 01.03.1994)
275 front seat positioned lower
memory package (driver's seat, steering column, mirror) (с 01.10.1993)
304 elimination of front ashtray (с 01.01.1990)
353 auto-pilot-system (APS) (с 01.10.1997)
404 left front seat with multiple contour backrest (с 01.01.1996)
405 right front seat with multiple contour backrest (с 01.01.1996)
414 electric tilting/sliding roof in glass version (с 01.10.1988)
423 5 speed automatic transmission / nag (с 01.03.1994)
461 instrument with mileage reading and english lettering (с 01.04.1990)
481 undershields (с 01.10.1962)
543 sun visor with vanity mirror, illuminated, left and right (с 01.11.1978)
551 anti-theft/anti-break-in warning system with anti-towing system (с 01.04.1998)
581 automatic climate control (с 01.01.1977)
600 headlamp wiper/washer (с 01.08.1971)
611 courtesy lamps for front and rear doors, with W124 also for central doors/W202 front doors only (с 01.11.1978)
617 headlamps and fog lamps or additional high beam light, amber, and additional halogen fog lamp (from april 1st, 1970); additional turn signal lamps for italy, and rear turn signal lamps, orange
xenon headlight asymmetric, left driving traffic (с 01.03.1994)
673 high-capacity battery (с 01.01.1964)
679 spare wheel as basic wheel (с 18.06.1997)
693 blue heat insulating glass, side and rear windows, rear window laminated safety glass, windscreen clear glass
blue heat insulating glass all round, tinted strip rear window single pane safety glass (с 01.10.1994)
772 amg styling package - front spoiler, side skirts and rear apron (с 02.01.1992)
774 Shell modification for AMG-wheels
800 Change of year of model, last figure shows new model year
810 loudspeaker, sound package
sound package (bose) (с 01.12.1986)
819 CD changer - alpine - in trunk (с 31.07.1992)
873 seat heater for left and right front seats (с 01.02.1984)
876 interior light assembly (с 01.10.1997)
877 reading lamp in the rear (с 01.11.1963)
882 passenger compartment protection/towing-off protection (with anti-theft warning system only) (с 01.07.1993)
910 14V/65A alternator
alternator with increased capacity (с 01.11.1990)
915 fuel tank, 70 liter (с 01.05.1988)
954 equipment package for avantgarde vehicles (с 01.06.1993)
rotating emergeny flasher, front (red light)
984 elimination of ownership certificate but with coc papers (с 01.06.1993)

If anyone is interested, I can post pictures and tell more if required,



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