2000/X W220 S320 CDi - "Twang" From Front Brakes


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Jan 10, 2009
Hello all. Some help needed here please. Whilst driving my car there was a "twang" like sound when I applied the brakes. So it would go "twang twang twang" until the car came to a stop or I let go of the brakes.

I then received the "low brake fluid - visit workshop" warning. Looking around the car I could see brake fluid leakage on the drivers side rear hose so I booked the car into my local mechanic to get this fixed.

Once repaired I collected and drove the car but the "twang" was still there. I assumed the brakes had not been bled and there was air in the system which caused the "twang" sound. The garage bled the system but still no change.

If I unplug the ABS pump the problem goes away but I then have the ABS light illuminated on the dash. So does this call for a replacement ABS unit now or does the problem lie elsewhere?

If the ABS unit has failed at some can it be connected to the brake hose leaking or are the two totally separate issues and a total coincidence that they happened at the same time?

Thanks in advance.


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Apr 26, 2013
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Not familiar with the front suspension on this car, but could it be a broken front spring, a not unusual occurrence on such as the Rover 75 range?

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