2001 C320 light engine ticking

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Jul 31, 2008
The silver one.
Just came back from town today and i noticed my wifes car has a light ticking from the engine bay ( i never looked as its raining!) its a 2001 W203 C320.

Mine also did this but after i serviced it the noise stopped, but i have just serviced the C class, but mine was more tapping as opposed to ticking if that makes sense

Any ideas?

Runs a treat goes like the clappers

Done just over 70k.

I will pop over to machine mart and get a stethoscope tomorrow.

Could be anything from the regeneration valve ticking to a cracked exhaust manifold. Got any more clues?
No not yet its always the same with my wife trying to get her car of her is always a pita:D

Got to get stehoscope then i can have a good look then reprt back.

Slight delay as i trying to fix the dead central heating and been up hospital to get some welding slag out of my eye, at least i can see now:)

Is the regeneration valve the egr or something to do with the charcoal filter?


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