2002 Toyota Camry CDX V6


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Oct 3, 2008
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Hi all.

I'm selling my father's 2002 Toyota Camry.

It's a great car and has been well maintained. It has most of its service history, most of it from a Toyota main dealer and the remainder from a single independent mechanic. It has a leather interior with wood trim, cruise control and is comfortable to drive and be driven in! My father has owned it since 2014 and has taken care of some major service items. It is being sold as he has upgraded to a Lexus and this car is no longer required.

The asking price is £1200 or near offer.

Let's get the ball rolling with the essential information:

Year: 2002
Manufacturer: Toyota
Model: Camry XV30
Trim Level: CDX
Engine: 3.0 V6 1MZ-FE
Transmission: Automatic (with button to disable overdrive)
Mileage: 214261 (may go up)
Number of previous owners: Four (you will be the fifth)

MOT due: 14th April 2017
Last tyre change: 3rd April 2012 (approx. 206400) [4x Goodyear Excellence]
Last oil change: 13th November 2015 (approx. 208500)
Spark plugs changed: 22nd September 2015 (approx. 212800)
Transmission oil changed: 5th November 2016 (approx. 213300)

Vehicle is currently SORNed.

Vehicle location: Ferndown, Dorset

- Cruise control
- Parking sensors (Rear)
- Power windows and sunroof
- Climate control
- Leather seats
- Power seats
- Tilt steering wheel

Brief history

The car was originally supplied by Loders of Dorchester, a Toyota main dealer. The first owner is unknown; it's possible it was the dealership. The second owner purchased the car in approximately 2003 or 2004 at around 30,000 miles. They used the car mostly for commuting between Dorchester and Bournemouth and was serviced by Loders until the dealership closed down, when the servicing was taken care of by Philip Wilkinson Motor Engineer in Ferndown. He purchased the car in January 2014 at approximately 205500 miles. Phil has serviced our cars for over thirty years. We bought the car from him in February 2014 with about the same mileage; the MOT in April shows 206030.

Unfortunately the second owner did not pass on any of the service history with the car. Thankfully, Westover Toyota were able to obtain most of the history from their records, so there is history from April 2004 (34071) to March 2012 (171598) with some gaps towards the end of this period. However, as you will see from the service history notes below, major overhaul work has been completed under my ownership, and this combined with the existing history shows the vehicle has been serviced regularly for almost all of its life, which should ease any worries about the mileage!

There is a history file containing a typed up service history dating back to 2004, as well as receipts for work carried out in our ownership. Some previous MOTs have been included.

Work Carried Out

I'll detail the main services carried out under the second owner. There is other work listed in the history file.

Apr 2004 - 34071 - 30,000 mile service
Jun 2004 - 41340 - 40,000 mile service
Jan 2005 - 50168 - 50,000 mile service
Jun 2005 - 60976 - 60,000 mile service
Jan 2006 - 68946 - 70,000 mile service
Aug 2006 - 79544 - 80,000 mile service
Apr 2007 - 90407 - 90,000 mile service
Aug 2007 - 97809 - 100,000 mile service
Mar 2008 - 109307 - 110,000 mile service
Sep 2008 - 119037 - 20,000 mile service (not a typo)

Servicing between September 2008 and January 2014 was carried out to a similar schedule. (Documented history not available for this period).

Under my ownership:

May 2014 - approx. 206400 - Four new Goodyear Excellence tyres
Nov 2014 - approx. 208500 - Lubrication service
Mar 2015 - approx. 211800 - New air conditioning compressor, timing belt, alternator belt, power steering belt, water pump and tensioners
Sep 2015 - approx. 212800 - New spark plugs, check sensors and connections, clean MAF sensor
Nov 2015 - approx. 213300 - Transmission service to rectify transmission juddering fault

Vehicle Condition

The vehicle's interior and mechanics are generally in good condition; one of the advantages of one of the owners maintaining it regularly for a decade! Unfortunately the paintwork isn't great. It has light scratches and scuff marks throughout and there are a few stone chips on the bonnet. The spoiler and off-side doors need the most attention. A thorough professional wash and polish would probably get rid of a lot of these marks! Inside, there are no rips or tears to the leather. Carpet mats are fitted throughout. The front carpet mats show signs of wear but that's to be expected given the vehicle's mileage.

I have a couple of other pictures showing some of the paintwork which I can link you to if you send me a message.

The spare tyre is a Yokohama and looks like new. Also in the large boot are various manufacturer-supplied tools as can be seen in one of the photos.

The speakers are in working order, although the rear near-side speaker vibrates a little at louder volumes. This may be the foam from the speaker's cover vibrating against the speaker itself; this is a known issue with these cars and is easily fixed; there are video guides on YouTube of how to do this. Unfortunately the aftermarket stereo will not be included in the sale. I will include the original stereo if required, however it has an amplifier fault and stops working after a while. I will also include the mounting kit which allows you to fit a standard double-din sized stereo to the car, and the wiring adapter which allows you to fit a stereo with standard ISO fittings. The electric aerial is in working order.

The recent MOT passed with two advisories:

- Exhaust slightly deteriorated
- Engine oil leaking

The exhaust still sounds absolutely fine and quiet; there is no suggestion of a leak, and the engine oil is probably due to a spill when it was topped up.

Tyre tread (approximately):

N/S/F 4.5mm
O/S/F 4.5mm
N/S/R 5.5mm
O/S/R 6mm
Spare 7mm (Yokohama, looks new, never used by us)

Other Information

Three keys are included; one is a key/keyfob combination with open/close/boot open buttons. The second is identical except the key has snapped off from the fob; the fob still works. The third is the emergency key only, no electronics.

The original cargo net is in the car. The rear seats fold down to allow longer items to fit in.

The air conditioning needs to be re-gassed.



By appointment only, you're welcome to come over and take a look at the car. Both I and my father have extremely busy schedules and while we are happy to show you the car, we would ask that you only ask to come over if you are serious about purchasing it.

Payment, Collection and Returns

I'm not interested in a swap or part exchange thanks.

If you have online banking and either a NatWest or Barclays account, I will accept a fast bank transfer at the time of collection, however I will ask that you wait for the transaction to appear in my account before taking the vehicle away. I am happy to accept a cheque, however I will not release the vehicle until the funds have cleared into my account - this can take around five to seven working days. I will of course accept cash.

Weekends are the best time for us but we could possibly do some evenings during the week.

As usual with a car sale, the V5C will be completed once payment has been received. You're welcome to use my internet connection to arrange insurance and road tax.

I will consider offers close to the asking price.

Anything else?

Drop me a message! If you call, please ask for David or John.

Pictures and Video

You'll find a video of the car being started here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLXzq0jM-Fk
Please note the full tank of petrol shown in the video is not included!





















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