2002 vito 2.2 speedo problem. Odometer

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May 20, 2015
County Durham, England.
Vito 2.2 cdi
Hi all just joined. Started another thread but put too much in it.

Limp mode. Won't rev above 3000rpm. Speedo showing 120mph @30.

Gear selector problems for 2nd 4th.

Key snapped in ignition

After reading a lot about checking the obvious I.e vac hoses solenoids etc. I'm starting to think these symptoms are all related?

Gear linkages. Crankshaft sensor. Clutch switch.

It's like I have every symptom you can think of,,,,,,
Key snapped in ignition? Not remote locking then - was going to suggest key failure which is what happened to me. Would start but speedo was really erratic. Would show it flat out when at a standstill and all over the place. Got out with the engine running and it locked me out!
Hi Marku, so did the erratic speedo sort itself?

Mine does nothing till i move off but is flat out too as I drive.

Should also mention this car has been butchered. Looks like the ABS and EDC lights have been severed or removed as no show in key turn.
Hi all.

Snapon Solus Pro OBD scanner

P1622 Electric Switchover Valve
P0703 Stop Lamp Switch

I did have an EGR code too but it's cleared since we used the scanner. EGR valve completely blanked professionally. Not sure if it's ever had an EGR but a spare solenoid fastened at top middle engine bay but not doing anything.

Since taken off brake switch. Although the lights worked there is a second circuit that manages engine somehow. This had shorted, snapped and fused to the plastic casing of the brake switch. New one ordered.

Still need to figure out why the Speedo is a full speed when doing about 30.

Need some advice on possible clutch/gearbox tuning/adjustment. Crunches in to 2nd 4th.

Also any info on heater/blower set up as mine seems knackered too.

A great buy so far!

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