2003 CLK 320 Steering wheel change

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Dec 2, 2008
CLK A209

I have a 2003 CLK A209 and the steering wheel leather is very dirty and worn in places.

What could I do to clean it?

How easy/difficult is it to change the steering wheel?

How do I do this?

Many thanks

I would suggest having it retrimmed John. I actually bought a new one for my CLK and it was the best thing I have done with the car. Removal is easy if you are a competent DIY-er.
There is a German company that advertise on eBay charging around £100 for a re-trim if you send yours over there. I posted the other day that I have one spare if you want to borrow it whilst yours is being done. No charge to members other than you pay the postage both ways and return it once you no longer need it.

I am in Maidstone (Kent) if you are local and want some help.
To remove the wheel you will need:
T27 Torx bit (I think) for the two airbag retaining screws.
10mm Allen Key in a 1/2" Socket
Short Extension bar
Torque wrench
A good strong friend.

Undo the two retaining screws on the airbag (acces from behind the steering wheel).
Straighten the steering.
Put the ignition key indoors in an envelope and write on the outside of the envelope "CONNECT AIRBAG!" or similar so you don't turn the ignition on and put the circuit in fault by accident.
Photograph (just in case you want to refer to it later)
Drop the airbag forward and gently prise out the yellow connector. Place airbag somewhere safe.
Undo 10mm hex bolt in the centre of the wheel. Get friend to pull up on the torque wrench from outside the car whilst you sit in and hold the wheel still. It will be TIGHT! do not allow the steering lock to engage and use it to hold the wheel still as you may well break it.
Slide wheel off, and reverse procedure.
I don't know the torque setting for the wheel, possibly 1.5 to 2 grunts (I think this is the official MB figure).
Does anyone have access to the actual figure? My WIS is not installed at the moment.
This is my procedure from memory, don't take it as gospel but it covers the basics.

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