2004, C 270, Est: No Radio Only Hiss

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Oct 5, 2020
Mercedes Benz 2004 C-class 270 cdi estate auto
Mercedes 2004 C-class 270 CDI Estate W203.

Hi Folks,
One day the radio stopped working. Not the whole of the Command unit; the unit works A-OK except for all the radio stations. The auxiliary input, CD player, GPS route guidance and DVD all operate perfectly. If the volume on radio is increased, the only sound output is the continuous noise hiss as though no aerial is connected.

First step was to check all the fuses in the left-hand boot area; all OK. Next check the rear heated window for continuity; that checked out ok. Remove rear tailgate trim and check the aerial amplifier which is where my luck ran out.

See the uploaded composite photograph looking from rear towards the front of the car. There appears to be two amplifier boxes indicated A and B on the photograph. My problem is: which one is the GPS and which the aerial amplifier?

Can anyone correctly identify which-is-which for me so that I can test it or fit a recovered one?
I await with thanks in anticipation.


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It looks as though no one is familiar with these boxes.
Is there any other information which might help?
In case the picture is miss-understood it shows the tailgate opened. The bottom of the picture is next to the hinges.

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