2004 CL500 C215 Windscreen Wiper Issue

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Jun 20, 2022
CL500 C215 2004
Hi all.

A few weeks ago whilst out in some seriously inclement weather (I mean it is Summer in good old Blighty after all!:rolleyes:), my wipers seem to develop a mind of their own.

First of all they stopped dead half way up my windscreen, so I turned them off and back on and they worked, until a few seconds later they did it again, however this time when I tried to restart them, it took 4 or 5 turns of the wiper switch before anything happened, often I had to turn the switch to full speed to get the wipers to come back on. This kept happening so I booked my car in to have it checked, however sods law was at play and no matter what the garage tried, they could not get the wipers to repeat the issues and since then all seemed ok.

Yesterday I was out in the car and the wipers started playing up again, in exactly the same way, but maybe worse as the weather was really appalling and it was getting to the point where I was thinking it might be better to stop until the weather picked up.

I recently had the Rain Sensor module changed but the garage could find no issues with it whilst it was with them so I'm completely lost.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated?

Many thanks.
Check that water is not pooling around the motor.(drains)
check continuity and earthing Of the loom.
check water is not getting into your front SAM.
Buy a s/h stalk, and see if it’s that.

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