2004 E270 CDI, water standing

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Dec 13, 2005
E270 CDI(54), CLK270 CDI(03), S320 CDI(03), Smart Passion CDI (2011)
Hi guys, ive got a 2004 (54) E270 CDI Avantgarde, when opening the bonnet today ive noticed that there is a small pool of water standing in the little grill where the wiper elbow joins the arm. There is a drain there but it seems to be blocked, ive poked stuff down there but dont seem to be getting anywhere, the water is clear as its rain water and the grill is totally clean with nothing stuck in it... How can I get this running?
Any comments welcome
anyone? this is my third W211 and first time ive seen it!
Have you poked it from behind the wheel? under the car.
There is a pipe that runs from the centre drain that could be blocked. To un block it remove the wipers and the trim.
is that where it comes out? behind the wheel? i wonder whats caused such a block, i have even tryed blasting some water down with the jet wash but no luck

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