2005 C-Class Aventguard c220

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Dec 31, 2022
C-class 2005
I had previously posted the cars story and received some solid advice here and hope someone might be able to help again...

~May '22-Nov '22: NAV/media player/radio/CD was intermittently working. Stopped working entirely in November. Shortly after it stopped working, we had a flat battery.

6th Dec 2022: Bought a new battery and a few days without driving the car and it was flat again.

12th Dec 2022: I removed the fuses that had anything to do with the media player (CD changer, phone, radio, navigation etc). Car has been working perfectly. Hooray.

12th Feb 2023: Central locking doesn't work, when I put the key in the ignition, it will not turn. So I charge the battery overnight at home.

13th Feb: The car will STILL (with a freshly charged battery) not start so friend loans me his power-pack which starts the car. I drive to mechanic who tests the battery: "replace now" (and tells me that the alternator is working as it should- phew).

I take the car to Kwikfit (where I purchased the battery) - mechanic asks me to take the car for 30 mins drive as it hasn't had much time to charge. (I kind of felt like I was being fobbed off at first, but fair enough.) Mechanic did a battery check after driven for about 30 mins and machine said the battery was okay. The car would not start again while in Kwik Fit garage. The key will not turn, no clocks or power coming to my dash when I put the key in.

The mechanic checked the battery connections, said the positive was a bit loose. Tightened it up and it started.

14th Feb: The car will not start, no central locking, the key doesn't turn in ignition.

Any advice will be well received. I bloody love this car, just want it to be the faithful steed it used to be. Happy valentines day ❤️

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