2005 C-Class (W203) Classic with 2.0 litre diesel engine

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Nov 6, 2012
Mercedes CLK 320
2005 C-Class (W203) Classic fitted with the 2.0 litre diesel engine. This is the second time that after having the car serviced, new oil, etc., and with about 3K miles left before the next service is due, the 'Oil Warning' message flashes up red with alarming noise the car should be stopped. On both occasions, I happened to be on the M4 which is not conducive to reading a message about engine oil, though safe to assume it requires some more oil.
After feeding the engine a litre of oil and while travelling along the M4 on the way home from work, the urgent oil message flashed up again. This time, after slowing down, I read the oil level was 'over filled.' I asked myself, how the hell could the engine been overfilled..?!
The following day, the car was in the workshop with the old oil, plus the new 1 litre of oil I topped up the previous day being drained.
The VERDICT: the car was more than 3 litres OVER FILLED with oil! Actually, it was determined the extra oil could have been contaminated with diesel.

* I have two questions for the Forum...
1. The engine doesn't have a dipstick - the engineer that came up with this as a solution is a 'Dipstick!' - where can I find a suitable dipstick, right length, correct marking, etc, that I can install to keep a better idea of what the engine oil levels might be like?
2. More alarming than the non-dipstick, where should I consider looking for potential diesel ingress into the engine block?
The saving grace, if there is one, is that it wasn't water getting into the engine block and there's no creamy white gunk showing up, so the cylinder head is by deduction believed to be Okay.

The car is averaging anywhere from 54 - 63 mpg, depending on speed. The engine is a wheezing 4-pot that'll never pull the skin of a bowl of rice pudding, but it is turning in the mpg, which is one of the main reasons I bought the car in the first place. It's fitted with a 6-speed manual, really a horrid gearbox, but very probably a reason for the decent mpg figures.

I could do with some pointers and help on both points. If there's anyone out there who's had similar issues, I'd be very grateful to hear and read your advice of best solutions.

Thanks in advance


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You probably have continuos regen on, that will gradually fill the oil sump by diesel. Though that should be seen in mpg prestty clearly, unless its remapped of worse, box tuned.

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