2005 c180 coupe kompressor

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Feb 14, 2012
west midlands
volvo v50
Hello people. My mom has the 180 coupe and a few weeks ago it started missing on idle. And if you were to rev it it would feel like its going to cut out. Took it to a Mercedes specialists near where i live. They diagnosed the secondary air pipe as the problem .They changed the said pipe /hose. At a cost of £120
The car still has the same problem the diagnostic machine picked up cam shaft sensors as the fault. So we decided to take the car home and my dad said he will have a look . After taking the top cam cover off we discovered the right hand top sprocket had half its teeth ground down and the chain had slipped/stretched . Now left with the option of taking it back to the garage and pay a fortune for parts and labour or try and do it ourselves. We priced up the sprockets and they were priced at around £500 each . Then the cost of the chain + oil and filter. Luckily i managed to pick up a donor car for just over £800 that had a fault with the autobox selector and the head gasket had blown. We then stripped the engine of the donor car checked the sprockets and put them onto my moms car.
We managed to change the chain and sprocket without taking the cylinder head off the car.it would have been a lot easier to work with if we had i think now . It was difficult and some of the original chain guides had to remain . I'm hoping that won't make a difference as they looked ok. We put the engine went back together fairly easy the only trouble was refitting the lower cam case cover , filled it with oil and antifreeze. Then comes the test . Reconnected the battery turned the key the car started first time with no misfire. Happy days so my mom took it on a test drive . 20 mins later my phone rings there's a pool of oil under the car. So we go to see what has gone wrong . Opened the bonnet and there was oil all above the oil filter under closer inspection we noticed a hairline crack in the housing of the filter the oil was pumping out when the engine was running. We then popped back to the doner car and took the housing from that and put it on my moms car. Then to the petrol station to try some more oil. So far so good the car runs great again now. Has any other owners suffered with similar cam problems is it a fault on the c180 range or has anyone suffered this on any other models.? The milage is on 120000
Or has anyone any ideas what would cause the sprocket to wear so badly? Also the rest of the doner car is available for sale it has black leathers 19 inch alloys sat nav tv .it the 2003 auto amg. The engine was running before we stripped it down .
We got a lot of help from looking at help guides on this site .
And also YouTube
I take my hate off to you. You have done something I would not dare to attempt and hoping it stays a successful job well done
so far still all good . car is running nice.

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