2005 Keyless Issue

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Jun 28, 2023
I have, as you can see a CLK350, I have technically owned it for 5 weeks and 3 days… but it has been at the dealers being “fixed” for four of those,I got it one week after I bought as I spotted a few niggles, ABS didn’t work, headlights were a bit milky etc.

After waiting a week I couldn’t wait to drive it. Took my son in law with me, on the drive back to London, a. Warning came up on the dash, just after I had put £70 in to fill it up, as it was running on fumes ”low oil, check at next fill up) (with petrol), bad start then a warning about low washer fluid. The range was over 300miles. I thought best get the oil sorted at least. Then I got a key fob low battery warning, changed the batteries and the fob died. Also a message came up that a service was due in five days! I bought a litre of decent synthetic oil from a BP petrol station only £17!

Other issues I discovered in my first week intro to the Mercedes world, power steering fluid low, hydraulic fluid (convertible) below minimum mark. Oh and the big one a chip that apparently was too small to fail the 12 month MOT erupted into a crater which cracked. Oh and the mirror adjust would only make the mirrors go down left or right, but would go up after reversing. Also it developed the machine gunning door lock syndrome (an easy fix with spring kit from ebay, or so I thought), more on that in a bit…

Took it back to the stealership, on the way, beautiful sunny day roof down, got a bit breezy so I decided to put the windows up, a crunching sound from behind indicated something was amiss, carried on as the car felt OK, got to the stealers, spotted the right rear deck lid flap cover had decided it didn’t want any part of the car anymore so it exited, so I was in a flap and missing a flap all at once. Stealer said, the flap is your problem mate.

Three weeks later I was reunited with my, not so trusty steed, only to find it was filthy, a shiny new key was given to me though, the passenger door card was covered in greasy hand prints a rubber bung that should have been in the bottom of the door was in the passenger footwell, and later I found all but one of the clips had been broken, the tweeter cover had been broken and hot glued back on, apparently the springs from ebay didn’t fix the door? The flap was missing it’s cover still though I found someone on flea bay selling a pair, I offered to buy one but eventually got him down to £62 for both.

So I’m back home, shiny key in hand, only to find the keyless start didn’t work, on a brand new key!!! The door seal had been trapped at the shut line and was all bunched up, when I took the door panel off to investigate found that the top, thatis supposed to come out of a channel took the whole channel with it, hence the bunched up rubber! The top channel o the door card was mangled and I managed to get it straightened I got them to give me the failed door actuator they said it cot £300 to replace??? I took it apart and found that some grease monkey had put the wrong spring in it, ordered a set for £7.

One thing woul rally like to know is if the keyless start on a new key needs to be actvated, oh and I have, after trying all the fixes YouTube, Google and prayer can come up with, its still not working


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