2005 W203 AMG C55 saloon

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Mr Fixit

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May 24, 2013
2012 SLK55 AMG
I'm going to be selling my C55 as I now have 2 Triumph TR6's, and a 5 bikes to restore including a 1970 T100R Daytona!

Anyway my C55 is the third one I have had and those that have seen my posts will know I had a C55 estate previously but this one is the best by far, the estate had the secondary cat and res box delete but was really ‘boomy’ at low revs mainly because of the estate.

The current one (one plate A1 RNU that will come off) is a 2005 silver with 88900 miles, full MBSH and tight as a drum, very good condition with no rust , dents or scratches, internally she is very good black leather and all the toys work, she has an adapter of an I phone and the Aux input has been fitted to the stereo as well as the original 6 stack changer. (I also have a hard liner for the boot!

When I bought her I took her to my local merc dealer who is also a friend and is a MB service centre only, they when through the car top to bottom and gave her the OK. MOT till August and B service due in about 6000 miles plus loads of tread on all tires.

She feels like a much younger car. I have had braided lines fitted as this is a big improvement on the brake feel (have hard pads as well) and G paddles for the gear changes. She has had a Euro charged chip as well as the transmission control unit (TCU) done and they work really well together.

In addition she has the secondary cats and res box removed so breathes well and is nowhere near as noisy as the estate until you press the peddle that is!

She is astonishingly quick, I’d say quicker and more agile than the estate as she is quite a bit lighter.









I'l looking for £9995 ONO and based near Chelmsford, could be intrested in a PX but something small and nippy :dk:

Nick 07825056048

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