2006 220 cdi sport stuck in second gear

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May 29, 2015
c220 cdi
Hi guys. My dad has a 220 cdi sport auto that has developed a gearbox fault today.
The car has about 60/70k miles on it.

He was driving it fine then all of a sudden it wouldn't go above 2nd gear.
After parking up for a while it was fine again.

Now, yesterday he fitted new front disks and pads. Is there a chance that he's damaged the abs that might cause an issue like this?

Had similar problem with my 05 CLk 7 speed box, new electroplate. Get the codes read using Star.
If abs was effected it would show you on the dash.

Get the fault codes read, if it comes up speed sensor chances are it's the electrics pack, also get the oil level checked, the give away is if it gives a jolt going into reverse or drive.
Yup! Does sound as though its gone into Limp Home Mode and as Auto-mobile says "Needs Its Codes read" its not good to drive it whilst its like this.. so the sooner looked at the better...

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