2006/56 SLK55AMG, low miles/owners

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Mar 12, 2006
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With a heavy heart I’m offering my lovely SLK55 for sale. I’ve had it for the last 8 years and although I don’t particularly want to sell, the time is right for a number of reasons, all of them valid. It looks as though I’m going to have to stop work next year, and without the money rolling in the expense of keeping this as a weekend toy (which is really what it’s been) isn’t going to be justifiable. It’s just been MOT’d, so it now has 12+ months ticket (10th August 2019) and I’m hoping there’s still enough of a summer left for someone to be in the market for a convertible!

So, onto the car itself. It’s a 2006/56 SLK55AMG in Cubanite Silver (a rare colour, even more so on an SLK) with Orient Beige leather interior. As I said, I bought the car 8 years ago (1st August 2010), and I’m only the second owner. I acquired the car at 4 years old with only 11000 miles on the clock. It’s been used sparingly in my ownership – it’s never been a daily driver, as I’ve always had at least one other car – and the mileage currently stands at a touch over 37,800. Low for a 12 year old car.

I searched for this car for a while as I bought it as a keeper, and was lucky enough to find one with the right specification. The guy who bought it new obviously had deep pockets as many of the option boxes were ticked. Highlights include:

COMAND DVD APS with Navigation

Harmon-Kardon stereo upgrade

Bi-xenon Headlamps

Full nappa leather interior

Heated seats (electrically adjusted)

Memory package (driver’s seat/steering column/mirrors)

Air scarf

The air conditioning still blows ice cold (so much so it’s actually uncomfortable if you turn it right down to minimum).

All work on the car has been done at Mercedes main dealers (apart from the MOT, when it goes to a local garage). Service history is as follows:

14/08/08 4398 miles MB Eastbourne

18/09/09 6835 miles MB Eastbourne

02/08/11 14488 miles MB Basingstoke

16/07/13 23023 miles MB Basingstoke

17/12/15 31973 miles MB Basingstoke

The car is overdue a service – I’ve used it so little these last 12 months (1600 miles since the last MOT) it’s been on the “I must get around to that” list for ages. It should have been done last December, and the service nag light reminds you every time you get in the car.

As with any used car, there are obviously a few bits and pieces that could be improved, I’ll try and list them as comprehensively as I can:

All 4 alloys have been kerbed at some point. They will all be able to be re-furbished, and don’t require replacement.

There is a tiny dink on the passenger door, just behind the front edge, where some idiot backed into me in a car park. I’ve cleaned it up and had ChipsAway re-paint it, so it’s not that noticeable, but I know it’s there. I’ve tried to show this as well as I can in the photos.

The COMAND screen has some what I’d call “bloom” on it, due to me trying to clean it with something that it didn’t agree with (iso-propyl alcohol, I think). The display is still readable and it doesn’t notice too much when the display’s on, but looks a bit iffy when it’s off. Also, the top edge of the surround is marked where I put my phone in the little pocket above it – I have fingernails like razor blades, apparently.

The lower LED display in the centre instrument display has some failed pixels (a common fault, if you google “R171 pink shrimp” there’s lots of info about it). Irritating but not the end of the world, and I have a source that can supply a new display module for (IIRC) 88 euros. Mercedes, of course, would want to fit an entire new binnacle at huge expense.

And lastly, the front spoiler got caught on a particularly high kerb a while back. Annoying. I’ve patched it up with some silver duct tape (which is actually a surprisingly good match), and I’ve never felt the urge to do anything more with it. I enquired about a new bumper with Mercedes the last time I was there and was quoted £1500, so clearly that wasn’t happening.

A couple of advisories on the MOT: both rear tyres are getting low on tread, and the front brake pads are worn. Neither will need immediate attention, and let’s not forget this is a second-hand car.

I think that’s about it, really. A low mileage, two owner, SLK55 that’s been looked after. Big N/A V8s are unfortunately a dying breed, so the depreciation curve should be fairly flat from now on.

And the price of all this loveliness? I’d like a mere 13000 of your English pounds. Stickered up on the forecourt (albeit with the niggles sorted), with this age and mileage, you’d be looking at around 20K, so please don’t think there’s a margin for negotiation in the price. There isn’t.

There are lots of pretty photos here, should you feel inclined to look:

Merc photos 2018 - Google Drive

Genuine enquiries only, please. PM me first and I’ll be happy to dish out my mobile number, and we can take it from there.


Sorry, forgot to say the car's never been smoked in.
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