2006 CLS 320CDI diesel fuel filter

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Dec 17, 2013
2006 CLS 320Cdi
Hi all,

I have just looked online to buy a diesel fuel filter for my 2006 CLS 320CDI and found there are two available.

One with a water sensor coupling and one without.

As I don't have the car with me today, I am wondering which one my car has - or could have?

Could I buy the one with the water sensor, even if my car doesn't have the wiring in the hope it a) fits and b) would, I assume, have some sort of water separator inbuilt which the other one doesn't?

Or do I just need to wait until I get back to my car and have a look, again assuming I can see which one I need from simply removing the engine cover?

If you post your VIN, forum members could check EPC against it and maybe identify the part number for your car.
Many thanks - my VIN is : WDD2193222A072201
My copy of EPC shows A 646 092 05 01 Fuel filter without heating element and water level sensor against your VIN. Its not valid for vehicles fitted with option U41 (Fuel - water seperator, U43 (net sideways in cargo space) and U83 (no description given) The datacard for your VIN does not show any of these options.

It does have a note to say its important to determine the part number at the vehicle before ordering. There were 3 other filters, but all were 'greyed out' for your VIN.
Thank you - thats really helpful and very much appreciated!


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