2006 mercedes-benz e class e63k amg tip/auto panoramic roof - £16900

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That's cheap (the car, not the brakes)
The E320 sport they have is very keenly priced too with those miles for an 09

If only they had a C55 too.
This is the trouble with cars like this now,

You have to be looking at them eyes wide open, I didn't know the E63 has a different brake set up to the E55 and it so much more exspensive.

Assuming it needs the brakes and a service coming up its an awful lot of money.

I know its a lot of car, but the original owner who paid £70K could afford this. The next owner now could be looking at E320Cdi's and think oooh this is the same price....

Great looking car but with that sort of running costs....

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