2007 C220 CDI (OM646.963) - No start when coolant temp is warm.

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Dec 2, 2021
W203 2007 C220 CDI
Greetings - I would like your input on what is wrong with my car,

I bought the car as is no history. 180k miles on odo. The car starts instantly when it's cold. Some driving later, the engine would get more difficult to start again as the coolant temp gauge increases. I'd say around 60C coolant temp it takes the longest to start, anything above it would just crank forever but no start. Max coolant temp stays at 80C under driving. If I turn it off at 80C have to wait half to 1 hour til the coolant temp drops to 60 or below, then it starts again the same way. If I leave it overnight after not starting, it starts up instantly, no hesitation. Engine runs smooth no rough idling, rattling, stalling etc. I changed the 5G auto gearbox oil, engine oil, brake fluid, oil filter, fuel filter, air filter, cabin filter. Mechanic changed glow plugs. Engine bay is dry. Do not see obvious leaks. No black death on diesel injectors. To add: my fuel needle on the gauge doesnt move, only when engine warms up and car was driven, then it moves to the level. I suspect fuel level sensor floaty corroded/stuck.

I wiped errors, plugged in diagnostic tool after the drive, this error came up that was somewhat relevant.


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Have you considered the CPS, prime candidate for hot start issues.
No, you think replacing that worth a try? I didn't see that sensor throw up an error on the diagnostic tool so I thought it wasn't sus

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