2007 CLS 320CDi Turbo Problems

Discussion in 'Engine' started by CLSFAN, Mar 6, 2014.


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    Mar 6, 2014
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    Hi - Got a real problem with my CLS. It started stuttering and going into limp home mode when accelerating hard so I took it to my local garage (done all my services/repairs). They ran their diagnostic and took it to MB for a second opinion, the problem was diagnosed to be the manifolds breaking up and going through turbo, amongst a whole list of other things other things. MB quoted £5k+ to fix all, but my local garage said they could do all the work for less than half. My local garage started the work, but when they stripped down and inspected the manifolds they were fine, so didn't change them, they have changed the turbo along with all other faults and the initial problem seems fixed (stutter then into limp home mode), however it runs like a complete dog now - when accelerating to any degree there no power, power, no power, power, gear changes are all over and when you hit 4k revs it drops out of gear all together.

    All issues from the diagnostics are sorted (they have deep diagnostics) and they have gone through everything with a fine toothcomb. The turbo is now back at the suppliers (2nd time) as they think its not been calibrated correctly (the supplier says it has). I trust my local garage 100%, but I feel its just got them beat...

    My local dealer has had my car for 9 weeks now, my bill is at circa £2k and my car is in a worse state than when I gave it to them wit the stutter/limp issue. I am very concerned I will end up with a broke car, worth nothing and a big bill.

    Any idea's/thoughts/help much appreciated!
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    Take it to a local to you ....... MB specialist ....... that sponsors this forum.

    I believe you have already posted in the other thread your near him.

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